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  • Mads Hollaender

    September 18, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Hi everyone,

    Nice to e-meet you πŸ™‚

    – Name: Mads Hollaender
    – Business Name: Campanya
    – Website / funnel URL: campanya.dk (It’s in Danish and full of mockups. Will do an English site when I’ve found the right proces)
    – When you first started your business: 2019
    – What funnel you are launching & how it’s going: It will probably be a proof of concept for a lead magnet approach and then mixed with marketing automation for automated lead generation. The website should be done within 2 weeks.
    – Anything we can do as a community to help and support you!: Looking forward to bounce ideas with you all. Some things I would love input for:

    • Which are the most effective lead magnets (checklists, tips, ebooks etc)?

    • Tech Stack and integration offering:

      Which to work with: InfluencerSoft vs Active Campaign vs ConvertKit vs HubSpot (I would love to feedback on this one).

      As most of my clients will have their own websites (and don’t want a new one – how do you normally integrate? Do you implement forms or do you use APIs?

    • Do you work with progressive profiling? If yes, with which system?

    My issues are very centered around offering the right tech framework as I would like it to be scaleable.


    • I can help with: Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Growth Marketing, Strategy
    • I need help with: Tech stack and integration + setting up effective Facebooks / Instagram ads