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  • astrid.martini@web.de

    September 21, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    Hello to us all!

    – Name: I am Astrid Martini

    – Business Name: my business has the same name: Astrid Martini

    – Website / funnel URL so we can share advice and feedback http://www.astridmartini.com : it is about storytelling, storyglory, i-story; (in German…)

    – When you first started your business: in 2019 the idea grew

    – What funnel you are launching & how it’s going: That’s next, I´ve set up the thrive stack (thrive apprentice, thrive cart, memberpress), and yes, it works, fully automated (yes! from you video!!!), I´ve set up a course storyglory, and now I am a little exhausted and at the same time eager on what is the next concrete step. Before I used to teach students marketing at the university, and now I want to be an online hero as well 🙂

    – Anything we can do as a community to help and support you! I like to be part of the group, doing things together, and I feel this is the next step, cool, that you offer a class right now! So I want to get that course going, and I am really open what life will bring! I am curious! Thank you so much! The homepage changed my life already …