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  • josh beetler

    September 21, 2020 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks for doing this john, really looking forward to this program and trying to make the best of it.

    Name- Josh Beetler

    Business name- The Guitar Player School

    Website URL- http://www.theguitarplayerschool.com

    When did I start- 2020

    I found john and implemented the thrivecart/thrive themes/thrive apprentice funnel.

    I started running FB ads during the COVID shutdown when I couldn’t teach my guitar students at my house. I built the list to about 900 people, but then culled the list and found several hundred people never opened the initial email haha. At the time I was converting leads around $1 to a free lead magnet.

    So about $1,000 later and I have a list of 650 after the list clean.

    I targeted men 45-64 interested in guitar.

    I’ve attached a snapshot of the ad, and the landing page. The page and this lead magnet converted really well, even though it was basically a link to one of my youtube videos. The other thing is the segments guitar players into the market I want, People that want to play guitar solos. (not campfire strummers or total beginners.)

    I then tried to build up to a product launch with a $497 product. Major flop

    Here was the sales page:


    Have since tried doing various offers to my list:

    7$ mini course version of product with a upsell to the full course. No sales on thisHere’s that landing page.

    Free mini course version with upsell

    Neither of these produced sales.

    To be clear, I didn’t really spruce up the thrivecarts on these very much.

    I did one offer that was try the course free for 30 days and if you don’t cancel, then you get the $47 charge for the course. That converted one sale. I did a Todd Brown training on offers that gave me some cool ideas about the different components of an offer.

    Oddly enough I have sold a few copies of my : Badass Pentatonic Sequences course for 7$ which is a super cool sounding product but not nearly a huge promised result like the other course. Maybe I should just change the name haha.

    Soooo I have a list, that I need to re-connect with by building more trust with by sending more content.

    I certainly can teach anything and at this point I am fine with creating content that people really want, maybe I mis-read people on my list or the lead magnet I created.

    My goal is to be able to created a reliable online stream of income so I can ultimately move away from having to teach at home. I don’t want to be teaching every weeknight and weekend when my daughter get’s older. The only guitar teacher market is absolutely massive, I can totally carve out a 6-7 figure piece of the pie with the right systems and data. I know i’ve got the personality and drive for it.