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  • josh beetler

    September 23, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    Hey John

    Thanks for taking a look at my site and giving a ton of helpful feedback. There are some ideas that I hadn’t taken into consideration that I’ll implement for sure. The lead magnet straight to sales call could DEFINITELY work because I sell on the phone to new students that study with me at home all the time.

    Couple updates on what I initially wrote to you.

    1. The blog/article page and empty shell blog post pages, I literally made yesterday haha. I’m trying to implement the SILO structure taught in the thrive SEO course and I just created all the page templates but haven’t fleshed it out or started the content creation process.

    What I intend on doing is making youtube videos on specific topics with links back to my website with the article version of the youtube video, and each article with have a lead magnet. That way my list will keep seeing my face, going back to my site, opting into lead magnets etc. That way is my YT presence grows, I can get people back to my site, opt in for lead magnet, get them in the funnel etc.

    2. I really appreciate the suggestions on the sales page and I agree, I lack the authority to ask for a $497 product up front but over time think I can get there. Especially as my community grows and the size of my content that I have available grows as well. The sales copy thing is an angle I hadn’t considered so I can test that over time.

    3. I also came up with an idea based off of your product grid. I mentioned I have $7 product that has been selling called 40 badass pentatonic sequences. What I might try to do is a lead magnet that’s 5 badass pentatonic sequences, upsell to 40, then upsell to the full pentatonic course. Someone who is opting in for pentatonic scale sequences obviously knows what it is, and might be a ntural progression down the pipeline. And I’d probably change my core product name to The Badass Pentatonic Mastery Program or something like that since badass sounds, well badass and it’s converting already. Maybe that could be the branding.

    4. THe list culling thing, that was after I did 4 straight weeks of FB lives that I converted into youtube videos and sent to my list, 5 videos per week. So I had sent out almost 30 emails in a month when I culled the list. The people that were cut, weren’t interested in anything except the freebie, possibly other guitar teachers seeing what I’m doing, I know I’ve got a couple on my list.

    Loud and clear on next actions though. Now that I got my local site ranking way higher SEO and more content, I can shift focus to content on this site, tie it in with YT traffic and my list.