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  • Ramona

    September 23, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Hi, John

    I am currently using only free tools. I started the website almost a year ago, but have almost 0 traffic and, most importantly, no products. That’s why I started thinking about going a bit of a different route, where I would have TONS of ideas for products (creating teaching resources instead of positive discipline).

    I followed Suzi’s courses for everything, so I use the following tools:

    For email I am using Mailerlite,

    Page builder – I love Elementor (I have the free version),

    Shopping cart – Woocommerce

    I am a bit afraid to pay monthly for tools when I have no sales. If I knew I would start making money soon, then I would be more willing to invest upfront. In one year I have learned so much! But I still feel like I am a tiny fish in a giant ocean and there is so much to learn.

    I am open to trying Kartra and, even if it doesn’t work for me right now, I could take a break from it and go back to it later, once I’ve built an email list. At the same time, I am not afraid to go the complicated route! I love learning this stuff and putting in the work.

    Honestly, because I am at such beginning stages, I would hate to hold everyone back. So whatever you choose, I’ll be happy to learn.and try out.

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