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  • Ramona

    September 23, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    I created an Excel spreadsheet with my competitors in the parenting realm many months ago, but that won’t be too relevant for my current purpose. I am thinking of putting the parenting website on hold for a while.

    Because this is a very tough area to tackle right now, I want to try first with teaching resources.

    One reason is that the types of products that I would have to create for parenting take a lot of time. It seems that videos do best with parents, which I don’t have time to create anymore, since my daughter started online learning.

    On the other hand, if I draw on my teaching experience, I can create lots of worksheets, graphic organizers and other teaching resources very quickly. I have many materials still from when I was teaching and I just have to make them look a little prettier.

    The other reason why I decided to start creating teaching resources is because I think this is an area which is very needed right now. And I feel like I have lots of ideas and materials to share.

    And third, the articles that did best in terms of traffic for me were the ones that talked about educational resources, reading to kids, literacy games, and such.

    So I kind of want to start fresh in a sense. Especially since I don’t feel like I am losing anything – with no traffic to my current website.

    I will start again with the competitor research in the teaching resources department… :O

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