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  • Jill

    September 24, 2020 at 8:41 pm

    So, I think I’m a little too far invested to switch at this point. I’m using Convertkit, ThriveThemes (and all those components) and ThriveCart.

    As far as what I signed up for in this course is just to get a working sales funnel. Even if you’re using different tech, I think I can get what I need. If I run into specific questions, I can always email you and have you get me out of hot water, right?? Ha ha! (Wouldn’t be the first time.)

    Understanding how the funnel works, what parts are needed, how to position and get traffic, and then actually have the funnel working are all I need. The tech is actually secondary, because I may not always use the same set of tools I’m using now. If I come away with understanding how to get from $0 to “my goal $” is the focus of what I need to do.

    Yes, I need to understand the tech, but that could be figured out. John, maybe the better question at this point is: How tech-confident is this group? If we use something different than what you’re using, can we get to that end result with you? I think I can. I just need you to walk me through the steps to get things set up.