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  • Jill

    September 24, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    Sorry I’m late to the game, everyone! I was busy launching a new product last week, and now I can focus on this.

    Name: Jill Bowler

    Business Name: Adventures in NanaLand
    Website / funnel URL so we can share advice and feedback: https://adventuresinnanaland.com (Currently working on creating a static home page. Just a blog roll at this point. Ugh!)
    When you first started your business: I started in late 2018 (but to be fair, I had NO IDEA of what I was doing until mid last year. So honestly, I’ve only been really doing this for about a year now.)
    What funnel you are launching & how it’s going: I only have a small funnel running from my email welcome series. Considering I only have about a 1% conversion rate and only about 300 new email sign-ups a month, well. . .you do the math! But, you know what they say. . .when you’re at the bottom, there’s no where to go but up! Ha ha!

    The good news is that I have launched 2 products to my warm audience (email list) and they have done quite well. I had about 6.5% of my audience that bought during last week’s launch. (And actually, my conversion rate for my sales page was a little over 27%! Not bad for a newbie.)

    Cold audience conversion is definitely a goal for this course. My opt-ins convert okay, but could be better. Bringing traffic to the opt-ins could be better also. Setting up a decent-converting, evergreen funnel with consistent traffic is what I’m after.

    Excited to be here with all of you!