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  • John

    September 25, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    Hey Jodi! Great questions

    I just signed up for your resource library, and I must say WOW you have built quite a library!!

    It reminds me a bit of when I offered a full library of training on my website a while back – sign up once, and get access to hours worth of content.

    I ended up taking it down and replacing it with something more easily consumed, because what I was finding was that…

    I was offering so much away for free that people weren’t able to get through it all in order to be ready to purchase premium content.

    I think sometimes with lead magnets, less can be more.

    A few ideas:

    • What would happen if you took your entire library (looks like ~100 printables) and take your favorite 10 printables and offer that as a freebie. Once they sign up, you could introduce a tripwire offer to get the entire pack of 100 for a nominal price.
    • On your opt in forms, you say “get instant access to 100’s of free printable resources” which is awesome and true, but your library is SO VISUAL – I think you could get the same or better sign ups if you add a pretty lay-flat image of your top 10-20 images. Your resources look really really good!

    You also asked about how to transition from subscribers to selling sequences, and I’ll make sure I include my go-to strategy for email marketing in the course.

    But quickly, when in doubt, I follow the rule V-V-V-O

    So when emailing my list (whether it be broadcasting or autoresponders) I try to stick to:

    #1: Value-focused email

    #2:Value-focused email

    #3: Value-focused email

    #4: Offer-focused email

    In the value focused emails, you can still offer paid products, but I like to make those not the focus. Using PS at the bottom of the email is a nice way to sneak in the opportunity for them to buy 🙂

    Hope this helps!