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  • Jodi L Burgholder

    September 25, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    I’m liking this idea although I don’t have a clear picture yet of what it would look like. My free printables have helped me grow a huge list and get lots of views. (I make a good portion of my income from ads.) But my library has grown overwhelming. The bigger it gets and the more views I get the more time spend answering emails. When I started it was an easy way to set up a delivery that made sense. I think I’ve outgrown it but haven’t been able to see my way through changing it. Are you suggesting only 10 or so printables are free? Then all of the other pintables are in a member area they get access to for one price? I have a LOT of posts that have free printables. I have considered trying to find a system that delivers them directly as they sign up for each one but hadn’t thought of charging for pre-existing printables as a pack. Then, if I make a new printable for a project does it get added to that pack? I have so many things I could charge for, but it would only be small amount, so I’ve given them away as a way to grow. And now that I’ve got my larger products on Teachable I can’t imagine using that to have a 200 items that cost $1-3. And also, if I’m charging for most items I feel like I’d need to pull back or remove ads. Which would make my site SO much prettier but also it’s such reliable income.

    I will say watching your course this far has changed the way I think about creating content moving forward. My strategy this far has been pretty much “no strategy” and making pretty things as they strike me. 🤣 This has actually gotten me pretty far but I know I can be so much ore efficient about my success!