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  • Ramona

    September 27, 2020 at 9:43 pm


    I am going with serving teachers for this course. I started a new website and I am making teaching resources. I actually am very hopeful. I contacted my friends who are still teaching and offered my services so to say. I am making materials for them for free and, as I am making them, I am uploading them to the website to sell. This way, I am making exactly what teachers want and need, I am tweaking the materials to suit their exact needs.

    I got an idea today and here is what I want to do: I will post on FB to ask all my teacher friends for input and ideas. I will ask them about my freebie idea to see what they think of it. They helped me with picking out a name for the website too. So far one of my friends said she would love the freebie. Then I will invite them to join my email list so they can help me build the website. I will offer to make them materials for free once they’re on my list. Again, as I make them, I will keep uploading them to the website for a cost.

    As far as the membership goes, I am not sure what would work for teachers. What I am finding is that most who have products sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, which is not the route that I want to take as a long term solution. I got the membership idea from Audible, like I said, and another website for crafts. it used to be all free but now went the membership route. You can get some things for free and is you want more, you have to join. It’s called Easy Peasy and Fun, It might be a good idea for you.