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  • John

    September 28, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Great question – I will find out where to clarify that in the course. In general YES, they are both designed to sell your “front-end” product. There are 2 different scripts because of the different buyer intents when they see the page.

    The tripwire page kind of pops out at them after subscribing to something, so there is a different approach required vs the Long sales page when they KNOW what they are clicking through to.

    And also because the tripwire comes after opt in, it should be a bit shorter (people weren’t expecting to find a sales page) and it references the opt in, which clearly don’t fit if they simply navigate to the long sales page.

    The way I use it is the tripwire is ONLY used after opt in, but the long sales page is used in every other instance when you are promoting your product to your list, placing it on your website, etc

    Great question!