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  • A Hoornik

    September 30, 2020 at 1:29 am
    • What current tools are you using to run your business, and are you happy with it or are you looking to simplify?
    • So far I am ok with what we are using, this is mainly because Rob has coded it all by himself the old school way. He is still in a dos editor typing out all the code himself.
    • on the side I am starting to setup the online courses with wordpress/DIVI they seem to have landing pages and such (at least that is what I think, have not used them yet)
  • We started our business in 2002 and back then a lot was done in a dos editor, Rob still programs it all by hand, nog automated builders of any kind. He does the html css and what else there is these days still by typing in a dos editor.
    • Email Marketing – our own mailing list and for meditation we use MailChimp
    • Page builder – Rob for the main site and wordpress/DIVI for the new online things
    • Shopping Cart solution – Woocommerce with a payment gateway Rob programmed because we are too far into the main website to change, there is 18 years of programming into it, it has also completely integrated with our administration
    • Anything else that is critical for you: So far I am not yet sure what to expect from Kartra, just had a quick look now at their site and my concern is the payment methods. We need to be able to connect to ING Payvision for our payments. This is a migration that we did not anticipate. ING just send a letter telling us the old gateway iDeal has a new backbone and can we change things over in a couple of weeks. At the moment Rob is working with them to get that all done. The main site seems to be working, the wordpress not yet. For our administration and integrated tax system, we can’t just swap to something like stripe or any other gateway, since none of them connect to Rob’s programming.