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  • John

    September 30, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    Great question Jill! We can definitely go in depth on Video during the call.

    I’ve created funnels that were very video heavy and they outperformed text/image only pages.

    But on my wife’s website, videos tend to kill performance. It’s largely audience focused.

    My hypothesis (scientist coming out) is that because my wife’s audience (busy moms) tend to always have 3 things going on, they would rather skim a page vs tune in to a video…

    Your audience may have more quiet time to watch a video AND require more trust building to convert to pay online, so video makes a lot of sense. The beauty is, you can essentially script out the video and record it, AND include the script below as the sales page text, and test which one gets the best response.

    And if you aren’t planning on doubling down on videos for your products, I think hosting on YouTube is just fine in the beginning 🙂