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  • John

    September 30, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Hey Ramona,

    Great questions:

    • In the lesson about opt ins I go into the 2×2 matrix of effort & value. I like high value, low effort freebies, and if you have SO many freebies, the effort goes up to consume them, and they may never finish the free level and graduate to your paid products
    • As for blog posts, the way Suzi and I think about it is every blog needs a purpose.
    • Build List
    • Sell Products (your own / affiliate)
    • Be shareable
  • If a freebie makes sense, go for it! But in that case I would want to just send them to the specific freebie, not a library of 100+ where they need to hunt for the one they are looking for… again, just my opinion and your market could swing a different way. What do you think?