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  • A Hoornik

    September 30, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    Hi John,

    thanks for sharing your info on MailChimp. Convert kit makes more sense than.

    I also realized this morning that I am doing something wrong. I put in 12 hours in the past 2 days and am still only at finishing the funnel mapping part in the course and toolkit. <b style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>Thinking about this I realized that back in school in the 70-80’s you got the info once and had no electronics what so ever. The pocket calculators only started to be used after I left school. So, out of habit I have been writing just about anything you said down and this morning it dawned on me (yep, kinda slow there LOL ) that these are video’s and I can watch them again any time I need to. So as of tomorrow I will just listen and watch and make notes of things that I may want to watch back with a time marker. That should speed things up.

    Feel free to give suggestions for studying more efficient, I haven’t studied since the 90’s 🙂

    On the completion: may have been a timing or refreshing thing. This morning it wouldn’t change but now it looks as it should be.

    Funnelytics is a great tool! and I love the lessons. There are so many things that I never even thought about because I have been in tech sup for about 10 years as a IS&T specialist and later into the creative/self-help area. So looking at it from this perspective certainly makes my brain work overtime 🙂 There are a lot of things I may have to change on our website.

    I also think that for now – since I am behind still, I should take the night off tomorrow during the coaching call and catch up and replay the ones that have been. I will be there again next week and hope to be more caught up by then. I will post the questions I have, that way I won’t take the time others can use on the topics that are at hand.

    Just for starting to use ads on Facebook, what would be a good daily budget, any suggestions?

    sorry for this brain dump, but that about sums up what is going on here with my study.

    have a great day,