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  • Jodi L Burgholder

    September 30, 2020 at 11:06 pm

    I love the idea of grouping like items together and selling those. I‘m having a couple of thoughts that keep coming back to me.

    -How can I start to warm my audience up to this idea? I’ve given away a LOT for free for a long time.

    -I’d like to offer my current list a deal to make them feel special. Does this make more sense to do as a deal for each bundle as they come out, maybe a lifetime license they could buy for a discount, or another idea? Lifetime anything seems scary but seems do-able with Teachable.

    -My teen son even mentioned giving away any printable for free for a day or two and then adding it to the paid bundle. Positive-I’d get lots of traffic and maybe up my email open rates. Negatives-if I give it away for free to my list of 50,000 I’ve missed my biggest audience right off the bat. I know a lot of bloggers in the homeschool niche do this. I’m not sure of the ups and downs of it.

    -My posts are generally step by step tutorial type writing. Normally people subscribe via a ConvertKit form within the post. I’m having trouble imaging a “sales” bit within those posts. Especially because I’d need to go into detail about the other printables in the pack. A link to a landing page?

    -I get lots of traffic from Pinterest. I have a million pins floating around with the word “free.” There’s no taking those back, correct? I’d just have to say they were free for a limited time, and currently on sale for $X.

    I’m loving the scripted sales pages. I’m not a natural seller and these are so helpful! I can’t wait to apply these same concepts to my long form sales pages!