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  • John

    October 5, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    Hey Josh,

    In most industries, the Live Training is the most valuable and could definitely be seen as the core offer.

    As you dive into the live training, you’ll see what your students really need help with and where you can position differently from the massive membership sites.

    Plus, you’ll build up some goodwill with the students as you listen to them.

    Which will either

    1) keep them on longer (increasing profitability)

    2) keep them buying the smaller products you create as a result of their feedback

    3) make really good affiliates of them 🙂

    I definitely agree about not building a massive course that you can’t sell.

    If you’re not crystal clear on WHAT to sell, the only way you’ll get that clarity is by actually engaging with your ideal clients and getting feedback 🙂

    Doesn’t mean your existing course goes in the trash.

    Maybe you just need to hone in on the messaging on how to sell it.