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  • josh beetler

    October 6, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Alright I’ve got this figured out.

    Freebie- How to solo in any key with one scale

    Tripwire- Mini Course- How to play learn EVERY SCALE with one lesson across the entire fretboard. Will test this with my list, I bet I can sell this for more than $7 cuz it’s a HUGE promise.

    Core Product-

    6 Weeks Online training + Fb Group/Forum + 2 Bonus Courses + 12 backing tracks- $197

    Bump Offer- Private 1 hour lesson $75

    Will start with a application first to gather data> sales call > close sale.

    Will have to set a start date of the course in advance, get all this running ahead of time and work toward that to do a live launch of the final “course” which I’ll build based on their feedback.

    How’s that sound?