Elementor #820 Forums Data-Driven Community what if you work without Thrive Cart? Reply To: what if you work without Thrive Cart?

  • John

    October 8, 2020 at 11:54 am

    Hi Annelies!

    Sorry for the late reply on this, I’ve actually been busy working on your 3rd question 🙂

    #1: Totally get it – Thrivecart is not required by any stretch of the imagination – if you have a custom solution, rock and roll 🙂

    #2: The problem with custom solutions, however, is that it is quite difficult to make a recommendation for. One of the major strengths of marketing automation is that all the pieces talk together and work together to create the customer journey. If your website & sales process is custom, your marketing tools would likely require custom integrations to talk to them…

    #3: I will be covering Facebook Ads as part of this training as it has been the most consistent, and profitable paid traffic source for us. I’ve also done Pinterest Ads, but they are a nightmare and just not as refined yet as FB. Unfortunately no experience with print ads yet, although I don’t think I would pursue it heavily now that I understand how FB platform works… the analytics is priceless!